About Andrew Kirk

Hello dear reader (or readerS, should I be especially fortunate).

This is a site where I put occasional essays I write about what Douglas Adams calls Life, the Universe and Everything.

The actual subject matter will be a little narrower than that, centring mostly around my interests in philosophy, mathematics, physics, politics, music, literature and psychology. I hope to one day even write something about squirrels.

Sometimes I write quite technical pieces in mathematical logic, general mathematics, General Relativity or Quantum Mechanics, and I may occasionally put them up here, just for somewhere to put them. But in most of my writing I aim to make it intelligible to an interested non-expert. So if you come across an essay that seems much too technical, just leave it but don’t give up on me, because most of my articles are not like that at all (at least they are not meant to be).

2 Comments on “About Andrew Kirk”

  1. Michael Jefferis (AKA Bitter Crank) says:

    I have very little interest in math, but I do like squirrels a lot. I’ve tamed several squirrels to sit on my knee and eat peanuts out of my hand. If we decided to domesticate squirrels, we would find them an active partner in the process–maybe even he controlling partner. Sort of like dogs in that respect.

  2. Surendran says:

    (Reached your blog through Philosophy Forums). After going through some of the articles/posts found that your blog is very interesting, intellectually stimulating and pleasantly diverse in nature. Already bookmarked for future visits. Thanks

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